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My Haunted House ~ Part IX: The Poltergeist

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Believe it or not, not all of my experiences are dealings with dead folks. I have found I have some other abilities as well. Soon I will delve more into some skills I have recently discovered I’m pretty proficient at, such as remote viewing and psychometry. But this story is about an ability I hope I never bring forth again.

I find that during emotionally charged times in my life, the ‘activity’ increases. Which is a fairly common thing, really. This particular series of events was somewhat concerning for me though. It started with a knocking that seemed to be coming from my walls. And seemed to follow me wherever I went. Some knocks were faint, but others were down right undeniable. While I found this annoying, living in this house, I wasn’t alarmed so much as just wondering how long I was going to have to put up with this!

The next day, however, I became concerned as I started to smell the overwhelming smell of sulphur. As if someone had lit a match, but minus the smoke smell. I smelled it at home, then later in the car. And I was picking the kids up from the sitter, several others smelled it too and began to investigate the possibilities of the smell's origin.

What IS that?

Driving home, I noticed the gauges in my car started going wonky while I was in it. Needles jumping all over the place! 25 mph. No, wait, 90 mph. Half a tank of gas. No, wait, full, no empty....etc.

I was experiencing a new type of disturbance that was freaking me out. And it did not end there.

But before anything else happened, I turned to my old friend, google, for some research time. I looked up why I would be smelling the sulphur smell obviously not limited to one location.

What I found did not make me feel any better. After sifting through a ton of crap mixed in with some relevant information, I narrowed it down to a possibility of three things:

1) A Brain Tumor: Apparently, a common symptom of a brain tumor is smelling sulphur. Who knew? I did not. I pretty much ruled this one out straight away because of the fact that at least 3 other intelligent and functioning adults smelled it too. Unless we all have the same brain tumor, this can’t be my cause. On to possibility 2,

2) Aliens: Well, I believe in aliens…are they hunting me or something? At this point, I don’t know…I did have those ‘electrical disturbances’ in the car…hmmm…or,

3) Demon: Seriously? Shit.

Really? These are my three choices?

Then the night continued.

I was on my laptop in my bedroom and when I felt the sensation of my arm burning. Sort of like a fire type heat, but with a chemical type burn twist coming from the inside. It was strange. I pulled up my shirt sleeve to look at whatever was causing this pain. What I found I had to look at for a long time to make sense of it. The first thing I took note of was a scratch that was welting up in front of my eyes. Around this scratch was a red mark that looked like someone had been holding my arm very tightly for some time. But, I didn’t feel anyone touch my arm….

What gives here? I was so confused. I can always sense them before anything happens. I know when they enter the room or when I walk into a room that is ‘occupied’. This one was scaring me because I never felt it coming.

It was like a ninja ghost.

Despite my elevated heart rate, I needed to go on with my evening and keep it together, so I decided to change computers and went into the office and sat at the desk. I was just sitting in the rolling chair and was a solid two feet from the desk when I noticed a slight sway in the desk and the items resting on it. So I stopped to figure it out. No train going through. Earthquake? Nothing else was shaking…nope. While I sat pondering, it gained momentum. The desk was shaking fairly violently when I got out of the chair and left the room.

Going down the stairs, I hear the knocking in the walls again. The dogs couldn’t get away from me and out of the house fast enough. Cat, under the bed. Heart rate going up...

Thankfully, kids are seemingly unaffected at this point.

Around 4 AM, I emailed Chris (PROOV) and recounted the story, thus far, to him. After some discussing, he decided to again, involve Bishop Long. Here’s the response we got from him.

“Honestly, this sounds like a 100% case of Poltergeist and not Demonic. The fact that they are going through some pretty emotional turmoil right now, explains the knocking and the sulfur smell.

Poltergeist is not demonic. It is energy that is omitting from a person who is going through extreme emotional distress. When the person leaves the home, the activity will decrease in the home but when the person returns, the activity increases. Knocking is certainly very common for poltergeist.

There are some things that you can do. Have her stand next to a wall for a bit and see if you get any readings from knocking noises. Also, make sure that all curtains are removed from wall sockets. The number one form of destruction regarding poltergeist is fire.

Honestly, this does not sound like demonic to me but a very, very classic case of Poltergeist activity. I have seen this occur literally hundreds of times. The only way to eradicate the problem is to have the emotional distress under control. When the emotional distress is under control, they will see a dramatic decrease in activity.”

And he was completely correct.

I chilled. Activity stopped.

It seemed like such a simple answer. I know about poltergeists. Why did this not occur to me? I know that poltergeists are not actually spirits of once living people, but a person’s own energy causing a ruckus during times of angst. And this completely explains why I could never sense a presence. I was the presence!

I was my own ninja ghost.

Emotions and thoughts are powerful things. Much more powerful than most of us realize. Apparently, mine can beat on walls and shake desks.

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3 Ways of Ridding Your Home of Ghosts That Actually Do More Harm Than Good

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another insightful article by Melissa Van Rossum

As an empath and a psychic, I’ve interacted with ghosts all of my life. When I was five, one of them became my favorite playmate and stayed with me for several years. My family called her my “invisible friend”. Ghosts are everywhere - churches, bars, historical sites - and occasionally they plant themselves as uninvited guests in people’s homes. Though not all of them are as friendly as my childhood friend was.

One ghost whom I met a few years ago, was a man who had committed suicide in his home. Blinded by despair and fueled by rage, he shot himself in the head. Years later, the house had been sold to new owners, but the original owner stayed on in what he believed to still be his home.

He took pleasure in haunting the new family whenever he could, and enjoyed a real charge out of their fearful and angry reactions. The mother of the new family was sensitive to the ghost’s presence and she knew whenever he was around. Rather than being bothered by him though, she considered it a novelty to have a ghost in her house. Even though his energy was rageful and depressed, she ignored the impact this had on her homelife and her family.

Finally, at her family’s encouragement, she went to a local metaphysical store to seek out a way to send him home. They sold her an oil called dragon’s blood and a smudge stick, telling her these items would make the ghost would go away. And of course, these things didn’t work.
When I was much younger and trying to get the ghosts to leave my home and property, several other psychics told me that the ghosts were there because of the wartime history of the surrounding land. They recommended I hold a ceremony where I blessed the land and assured me the ghosts would go away. They didn’t. In fact, they stood around and watched me and I conducted my ceremony.

I’ve found that purification and blessing ceremonies, while useful in their own right, usually do more harm than good if you’re trying to get rid of a ghost. Why? Because they don’t work. And that often generates more fear.

Getting rid of a ghost isn’t hard if you know what you’re doing. I know. I’ve guided thousands of them home. But most people are truly very afraid of ghosts and at the very least, they are negatively affected by their unsettling energy. When people feel afraid they can become desperate. And once they become desperate, they open the door for someone to take advantage of them.

Too often, in situations such as these, there is someone willing to sell you something like an oil or a smudge stick or a ceremony, that may very well be effective for other things, but these things won’t remove a ghost from your property.

In my book, Their Way Home, My Adventures as a Ghost Guide, I share the process I use to guide ghosts home. It’s simple, easy to follow and anyone can do it. I enjoy sharing my book and process with people because it puts the power back in their hands, where it belongs.
Melissa Van Rossum is an accomplished psychic, empath and author. It is her life’s work to help people awaken to their dreams by showing them how to tap into their own Divine Guidance. Their Way Home shares stories of her encounters with real life ghosts who searched her out in their quest to find their way home.

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Why Do Children See Ghosts & Spirits More Easily Than Adults?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another insightful article by Melissa Van Rossum

Children tend not to doubt what they see and sense as adults often do. When someone is in the room with them they acknowledge that person - whether or not that person has a body.

It’s usually only after repeatedly being told that they’re making things up that children begin to doubt what they see, feel and hear.

If you interact with a child who tells you about something you can’t yet see or sense, flow with it. Validate it for them or give them comfort if that’s what they need. Just don’t discount them.

Let them teach you how to trust yourself again.

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My Haunted House ~ Part VIII: Personalities

Thursday, March 12, 2009

In my experiences, ghosts have different personalities just as much as living people do. I don’t know if they are the same personalities that they had in their life here on Earth, because I’ve yet to come across a ghost I knew while they were living. But I bet they’re similar. And just like people, some of them are sweet as can be and some of them are just nasty to deal with. I thought I’d share a few examples of some of the more memorable spirits I have encountered inside my house.

The Boy On The Stairs

This was the first ghost here in the house that scared the bejesus out of me. I walked out of my bathroom and saw him on the stairs sitting with his chin in both hands staring at me. He looked harmless enough. He didn’t say a word. But the vibe coming off of this spirit was alarming. Something about the energy of this kid sent my heart rate skyrocketing and I ran past him to get to my front door. This was one of the nights my husband came home from work to find me waiting on the porch so I wouldn’t have to go back in the house alone. This was the one and only time I encountered him.

The Blonde Girl

I’ve written about this sad little girl before. She was not a nuisance at all. For years, she just followed me from time to time around the house seemingly for no other reason but to have company. Maybe she saw me as a maternal figure. I’m not sure. I’m hopeful that she is with her family again as she isn’t with me anymore.

The Man Who Needed Help

This guy showed up at an inopportune time (for him anyway). I saw him several times. Sometimes he would just walk into the room, look at me as if he expected something from me and then walk out when I didn’t acknowledge him. He was new to being a ghost I think. He looked like anyone else you would pass at the mall with his modern clothing and hairstyle. One night, he leaned over my bed while I was laying down for the evening and said calmly, “I need your help with something.” Why this was bad timing is that I had no idea what I was doing with this ability. He was the first one that straight up asked for my help. I simply ignored him the best I could because what was I supposed to do? Now I would treat that situation very differently. He became rather insistent and imposing. His purpose for me was monumental though. I became so aggravated with his constant presence so close to me that one evening, I just turned around to face him and “pushed” him back. I have no idea how I did it, I just know that he backed off and left me after a couple more days. We refer to this “pushing back” ability around here as my Jedi Mind Trick. As annoyed as I was with him at the time, I hope he knows how grateful I am that he taught me that I can have some level of control. This allowed me to let go of the fear and move forward. So, thank you Man That Needed Help.

The Whistler

I have also mentioned this guy. He was the one that drove me nuts with the whistling for weeks on end. He falls into the category of the ghosts that just do what they do with little regard for getting attention. I wouldn’t file him under residual haunt though because when I asked (or demanded more like it) that he stop, he did. I think he simply had no idea how much his behavior was bothering me.

The Respectful Woman

For a while, I had a very gentle woman hanging out here. She was very polite and seemed respectful of privacy. She was with me pretty much everywhere I went, except my bedroom or the bathroom. It was as if she knew those were my two spaces that it would be inappropriate to intrude upon. I so appreciated that and wish all ghosts adhered to this philosophy. I hate taking a shower knowing that someone is right on the other side of the curtain. Or changing my clothes in my bedroom with an unseen (or seen as the case may be) audience.


Minou was our cat. For quite some time after she died, I would “trip” over her being underfoot, just as she did in her lifetime. I would see her tail wrap around my legs and almost fall to avoid stepping on her. But when I looked around to catch a glimpse, she was always gone. I haven’t seen her in quite some time. I’m guessing the new cat ran her off. Minou was definitely an only cat type of pet. I believe animals have spirits just as we do and there is no limitations on what kind of spirits can become ghosts.

With each ghost I encounter, I learn a little bit more. Some I can’t wait to be rid of, some I am intrigued by and some have become friends in a strange way. Whatever the case, I’m appreciating the lessons.

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