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My Haunted House ~ Part VII: The Eviction

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shannon (my cousin-in-law) and I were waiting for Chris (my friend and PROOV member who always gets my frantic ‘what-do-I-do-now’ phone calls) and the priest to arrive. The kids were out of the house, as requested by the priest, since we didn’t really know what we were up against here.

I answered the knock at the door and in walks Chris, the priest and his back-up. He showed up with a Catholic arsenal! At this point I became a little nervous…I mean, seriously, what was about to take place here?

Maybe I’ve seen too many horror movies.

He immediately opens his case of Catholic goodies and hands me a large crucifix on a chain. I looked down at it, then looked back at him and told him that, to me, this was nothing more than a big hunk of metal and I wanted to make sure that small detail wasn’t going to impede his process in any way. He told me that I didn’t need to believe in it, just keep it with me for the entirety of their visit anyway.

So I did.

After he was here for a few minutes, he told me that he didn’t think we were dealing with anything demonic here. I’m not really sure if I believe in demons anyway. You know me, I need proof of existence and I’ve never run into a demon, that I know of anyway, and I assume I would know. Hopefully, if they are real, I never have that fact proven to me. I’m good just not knowing for sure. He said he knew because if there were a demon present, he would have known straight away. You know, due to him being a priest and all, I suppose.

Shannon and I followed the Catholic team around and Chris followed all of us with the camera shooting the whole time.

It wasn’t long before we were chasing what had been tormenting us for the past few weeks. The priest mentioned he had felt like someone was “pushing” him on the stairs. We backed him in a corner in my bedroom. Chris walked right through him and backed up with a “Whoa…that was weird!”. Then a few of us began to feel pretty nauseous while in the room. He knew what we were trying to accomplish and didn’t seem too happy about it.

There is a room upstairs that I hate to be in. I never feel alone in that room. So the priest wanted me to sit in there alone in the dark (still with crucifix in hand). I didn’t want to do that, but he was persuasive in an odd way. So I went in and sat in the desk chair in the dark. He assured me they would be right outside the door at all times and would come to my aide should I request it. I sat for several uneventful minutes.

Suddenly, he burst into the room and asked if everything was OK. Confused by the urgency of his question, I told him I was fine and asked why he had asked.

I was told that as I was sitting alone in the dark, the night light in the baby’s room began to brighten much more than it should and the digital alarm clock began to change time rapidly then stopped on 12:23 AM. He explained the Catholic significance of that time, but I just can’t recall what it was (sorry! I'm sure you can google it...). All of them witnessed these events while I sat nervously by myself.

He then blessed each room upstairs and we all started back down. He mentioned on the way down that the upstairs seemed lighter than when we first went up. Maybe my aggressor was gone.

As we entered the kitchen he requested to visit the cellar. I said, “Have a good time! I’ll be up here when you’re done.”

I overheard him telling Chris while down there that I needed to be present for whatever it was he was planning down there. Chris told him that there was no way he’d get me to do that. I hate the basement. Even during tornadoes, I only sit at the top of the stairs and if I hear the house being ripped from it’s foundation, only then will I go the rest of the way down. From the moment I moved in here, I have always had the feeling someone is buried down there. I don’t know why. Just a gut feeling.

But somehow, that persuasive priest managed to get me to go down. I only went as far as the bottom step though. He’s not a miracle worker or anything!

Here’s what unfolded in the cellar:

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Before you watch the conclusion of this video, some pretty amazing things happened while we were down there. In an attempt to make communication and to announce our intentions as well as gauge the spirit's intentions, we asked it to do a few things. You saw the meter lights (it was measuring EMF), but we also asked for it to change the temperature of the room to a very specific temperature. I was even surprised by how quickly our temp readers fell almost 20 degrees to comply with the request and stopped exactly where we asked it to.

Find more videos like this on The Reluctant Medium

I am certain that the spirit that moved on that night was that of the Blonde Girl. I haven't seen her since that evening. I hope that she is no longer sad and lonely the way she seemed while she was staying with me. I hope she has found her home and her loved ones. I didn't mind her being here with us, but am happy she has moved on to a better place.

I am extraordinarily grateful to Bishop James Long for helping this little girl move on and ridding our family of the nasty ghost that felt the need to aggravate us.

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My Haunted House ~ Part VI: Sometimes They Are Nasty

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Most of the time, the activity around here is only experienced by me, so I have a moment of joy when something happens for another to experience. Even better, when multiple people witness unexplainable events.

For example, we had my sisters and another friend over to hang out one night recently. Around 1:00 AM, we all went to the kitchen for a snack. Our friend had poured the final bowl of Cocoa Krispies (precious commodity around here) and set the bowl on a stool while waiting for my husband to retrieve milk from the fridge. While waiting, she turned her back to the stool and cereal bowl to engage in conversation with me. My husband was in the fridge with his back to the cereal bowl as well. Me and one of my sisters were the only ones who actually had the stool in our line of sight.

The bowl suddenly flipped off the stool resulting in a large scattering of the highly valued chocolaty cereal all over the kitchen floor. My sister didn’t say anything. The widening of her eyes said enough. My friend immediately blamed my husband for the tragedy, and an argument ensued over who must have hit the stool to cause the spillage. It was especially charged due to it being the last quantity of the delicious snack in the house! They both denied touching the stool. They were both truthful as well, since each of them were a few feet away from the bowl at the moment on question.

I just left the room giggling while they continued to figure out what actually happened. I knew what happened.

However, all the experiences here are not always that benign or entertaining. Every now and then, the revolving ghost door here lets in a nasty one. Most of our ‘friends’ only stay a few weeks at most, so we usually just ride it out knowing it won’t be long before they vacate. But we picked up one recently that was a little too aggressive to wait it out. I had to make some calls.

This particular spirit had been pretty aggressive with me in the way of hair pulling, pinching and pushing. I was annoyed for a while, but then it went too far.

My husband came to me one day, irate with the vein in his forehead throbbing. He asked me why I would slap our five year old across the face! Of course, I did not do such a thing and asked why he would ask me that. Our son had told him I did. Why would he say that? Later that night, I asked him at bed time why he told Daddy I did that.

His response was, “Because you did.”

I thought maybe he had dreamed this happening or there was some sort of other reasonable explanation. He said he couldn’t see me do it, but he was slapped on his face and since I was the only one home with him at the time, it must have been me (he still tries hard to logically explain things that happen around here in his own little five year old way). Although he was still trying to figure out how and why I did it.

I assured him it wasn’t me, but I would take care of it so that it didn’t happen again.

On another occasion during our aggressive guest's stay, my husband’s cousin was over watching some TV with me. I was lounging on my right side on the far right of the couch while she was sitting on the floor leaning back against the front of the left side of the couch. My attention was diverted from the television screen when I saw her head quickly jerk back against the couch in a very unnatural way. She then jumped up in fight mode certain that I had done the yanking. She quickly realized that it was against the laws of physics for me to have possibly pulled her hair with that kind of force and still be completely relaxed in the same location.

She then got a concerned look about her and asked, “Did that really just happen?!?

All I could say was, “Welcome to my world.

Phone calls were made and the date was set for a priest to visit the house. I’m not Catholic, but I’m game for anything we can do to solve the problem. My husband’s cousin requested to be present when we evicted the SOB that yanked her ponytail.

I’ve had a lot of crazy nights living in this house, but the night the priest was here ranks right up at the top.

(Stay tuned for details and vids...)

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The Bell Witch Legend

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

By Chris McGill

I'm in the process of putting together some footage from several visits to La Grange, KY. In the first post, The Haunting of La Grange Part 1 you saw a short investigation we did with Bishop Long on a private residence. There have been several other locations that we (P.R.O.O.V. Paranormal Researchers of Ohio Valley) have been to over the last couple of months and I'll be editing that down and getting it up on the site here within the next few weeks hopefully. In the meantime, I wanted to put up this interview I did with Pat Fitzhugh on the legend of the Bell Witch.

If you aren't familiar with the Bell Witch, it's a very old legend that dates back to the early 1800's. Actually, it's suppose to be the only documented case of a ghost actually harming someone. In this case, the spirit reportedly killed John Bell. The movie 'American Haunting' was based on the story and it features Donald Sutherland and Sissy Spacek. I thought it was a pretty decent movie. Does it follow true historical record? That will be up to the experts to decide.

When I was still doing my radio show, 'Dimensions: Encounters with the Unknown' I interviewed a man who had been researching the Bell Witch legend for years. Pat Fitzhugh has talked with many people in and around the town of Adams, TN to find out as much as he can about the legend. He's reportedly talked to the ancestors of the Bell family who still live in that part of Tennessee, as well with historical experts on Adams, TN and the Bell Witch such as Tim Henson. Here's the interview I did with Pat on what he's found out to be true, and not so true, on the legend of the Bell Witch. I've removed the commercials and music transitions from the show, so it may seem to be a little choppy at times.

Pat Fitzhugh on the Bell Witch Pt 1

Pat Fitzhugh on the Bell Witch Pt 2

Pat Fitzhugh on the Bell Witch Pt 3

At the time I did this interview there was a person who worked with me at the radio station that was directly connected to the legend. Brad Bell is a direct descendant of the Bell family of Adams, TN. Even today, his family sometimes blames 'bad luck' on the witch.

Brad Bell on the Bell Witch Pt 4

There's also a cave that is connected with the Bell Witch Legend. 'The Bell Witch Cave' is the site where supposedly strange and unexplained things have happened. Is it connected to the Witch or not? Who knows. I've been to the site twice, and although it is a very creepy place, we had nothing out of the ordinary happen while we were there. However, many other people have claimed to have had paranormal experiences in and around the cave itself. The site is now on private property and in 2008 was placed on the National Historical Registry.

The Bell Witch Cave

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