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As A Small Child

Monday, October 20, 2008

I suppose my earliest "memory", and I use quotes because it's actually my mother's memory, of interactions with ghosts was at age 2. She tells a story of being on an important phone call with an attorney when I interrupted with hysterical screaming so much that she had to excuse herself from her phone conversation. When she came to me, I was extremely upset about seeing "Schmoo" in my room. For those of you unfamiliar with Schmoo, he was a 1979 cartoon character that was basically a white blob with eyes, a mouth and whiskers. He did have legs, but I'm still not entirely sure what he was supposed to be. But apparently at age 2, it was the closest thing I could compare what I saw to. As I said, this is my mom's memory, not mine. I have no reason to doubt her though as I continue to have odd experiences such as that one almost on a daily basis.

I also have some vague memories as a very young child witnessing large balls of white light spontaneously and having very clear pictures of dead relatives. My mother and I still debate on whether or not I met one of her aunts that died when I was very small. I can describe her perfectly and remember interacting with her. However, my mother still holds that I never met the woman. Maybe mom's right. Maybe she came to me after she was already dead (although I really hate to let my mother be right about anything - don't you?).

When I remember these events in my childhood, it is difficult to know what was "real" and what was paranormal because it was all just normal for me. I was probably 10 years old or so before I realized this didn't happen to everyone and I was different.

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